Gap bias for Futures, Major ETFs & Mega Cap Stocks FAANGM & Eco news

Gap Bias Analysis - RTH Session

Regular Trading Session RTH Gap Analysis for Futures, Major ETFs & Mega Cap Stocks FAANGM. Gap information is presented at the session open. Gap bias gives you the complete picture and gap correlations, can be used as a directional bias filter confirmation for trading the right side the open.

  • IGU - Inside Gap Up: Bias Down
  • IGD - Inside Gap Down: Bias Up
  • OGU - Outside Gap Up: Bias Up
  • OGD - Outside Gap Down: Bias down

Gap Bias Subscription Requirements

  • Freemium subscription for 1 minute view of market snapshot data
  • Essential subscription for updating view of 5 second live market snapshot data
  • Premium subscription for updating view of the fastest real-time live data

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