#1 proprietary trade confirmation suite, view the market at a glance, reduce trading frequency, increase trade win ratio, risk reward & consistency.

AWT Provides real-deal trading tools to discretionary & systematic traders with non-lagging technical analysis, trend correlations, volume, order flow & algo trading signals for swing trading & day trading for near terms and medium terms. Live snapshot & real-time market data updates for Futures, Major ETFs & Mega Cap tech Stocks FAANGM, MATANA to give you the trading edge you need to profit in today’s markets.

advanced proprietary trader all in one view technical analysis, trading signals for swing trading and day trading Futures & Eco news

Trading Point Dash board 360

Knowing when to trade and when not to trade is key to consistent profits

Trading Point dashboard provides a 360 degree view of the market, combining all the major trade features & in one place, providing a unified market view of multiple dimensions of technical analysis for near terms and medium terms, trading signals, eco-news for swing trading and day trading for popular, micro and Emini Futures.

View the market at a glance, see when to buy, sell or wait on the side line. See high probability realtime live market "trade setups", "trade entry" and "wait & see" market conditions via multiple time frame analysis, correlated instrument trends, multiple session strength & weakness, time & price, aggregatation of technicals, aggregated order flow, price patterns, trading signals & eco news.

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advanced session vertical & horizontal trend correlation, chop analysis and market order signal flow proprietary technical analysis

Alpha Bias 3D Trend & Signal Flow

Filter high probability trade setups, see a trending market or a choppy market.

Alpha Bias trend correlation, chop analysis and market order signal flow proprietary technical analysis system derived from 25 short term to medium trend multiple time frames aggregated into 3 views of the market for swing trading and day trading Futures

Trade Color Coded Views Summary, Trend Signal Aging & Trend Bias Power, provides a 3D view of the market from Asia, Europe, NYSE, weekly, monthly sessions, Trend Bias, Signal Flow, Chop detection, real-time trend validation, order flow of volume, market speed, trend efficiency. Simple clear color coded market views of confluence long-green, mixed red/green/black is neutral or short-red trends.

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advanced trend market flow correlation proprietary technical analysis tool

Trendometer (Trendo)

View high probability trade opportunities when the market is moving in a unified directional trend up or down, see when stay out in a mixed/choppy market.

TrendOmeter is an advanced proprietary aggregated multi-time frame time series across multiple proprietary trend analysis studies, combined with market flow trend correlation technical analysis tool for guiding high probability trading entry for swing trading and day trading Futures

TrendO is simple & easy to use, at a glance market view Depth of Trend is summarized up top by SFG% Session % change, TSI% Trend Strength Index and top down fast to slow timeframe trend bias, long-green, mixed-neutral or short-red trends, drill down into details or quick visual confirmations for trader preference.

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trading signals for swing trading and day trading Futures

Trade Signals to your inbox or desktop

Day Trading & Swing Trading technical trading signals and algorithmic trading system signals with stats for popular, micro and Emini Futures

AWT provides 2 types of trading Signal Type: Signal means a technical signal and this can be numerous and many in the same direction but typically limited per session. Algo is account mirroring signal of a live market algo trading system trade signals are limited by the rules in play.

Real-time color coded signal flow provides correlated market order flow bias & price action directional trend for potential use as trade filter and or entry method. Get your Trading Signals via web, email inbox or desktop alerts via the AWT Desktop app

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Session Fib Grid Charts for swing trading and day trading Futures

Session Fib Grid Charts

Proprietary technical multi-time frame view for daily, weekly & monthly sessions

Session Fib Grid Charts show daily,weekly and monthly Futures price as a percentage of the session typical range above and below the session open. The Fib Grid system was created to show a map of any market without having to know any in depth information such as the typical net change or range or price.

Fib Grid normalizes price as a percentage, F0% is the open - F100% is the top of the expected range for the session - f100% is the bottom of the expected range - intervals in between serve as trigger points or support and resistance- trend correlation within context of trading and higher time frames.

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Gap bias for Futures, Major ETFs & Mega Cap Stocks FAANGM & Eco news

Gap Bias Analysis - RTH Session

Regular Trading Session RTH Gap Analysis for Futures, Major ETFs & Mega Cap Stocks FAANGM. Gap information is presented at the session open. Gap bias gives you the complete picture and gap correlations, can be used as a directional bias filter confirmation for trading the right side the open.

  • IGU - Inside Gap Up: Bias Down
  • IGD - Inside Gap Down: Bias Up
  • OGU - Outside Gap Up: Bias Up
  • OGD - Outside Gap Down: Bias down
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Algo trading signals, eco news & next level trade technicals

AWT superior trading technology & tools continously evolve to stay ahead of the curve for near terms and medium term trading of all levels

The pro trader goal & focus is consistent trading success, AWT can be used to assist your trading decisions as a trade confirmation system, or used as a trading information system, it will fit alongside existing trading systems and trade methodologies.Super charge your trading with signal alerts, notifications & easy to see color coded trade views of trend correlation & confluence & high probability trading entry.

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