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Day Time Impact Country Event
Tue 12:40 High USD Fed Chair Powell Speaks
Wed 09:15 High USD FOMC Member Williams Speaks
Wed 13:01 Medium USD 10-y Bond Auction
Wed 13:45 Medium USD FOMC Member Waller Speaks
Thu 08:30 Medium USD Unemployment Claims
Fri 10:00 Medium USD Prelim UoM Inflation Expectations
Fri 10:00 High USD Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment
Fri 12:30 Medium USD FOMC Member Waller Speaks

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Economic News Market Moving Events Calendar (ET)

Popular market news events to watch for! as well as in general any high impact news event listed in the weekly calendars

  1. Employment - Jobs Week
  2. CPI/PPI - Inflation
  3. Retail sales/ Factory Orders
  4. GDP - Annual/Quarterly BEA
  5. Personal income
  6. FOMC Interest Rates - depending on economics can be nothing or large Fed
  7. OIL! every week Wednesday, Crude oil commercial stock/ inventory, market moving big EIA

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