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AlphaWebTrader subscriptions Comparison
  Freemium Essentials Premium Ultimate
Web Y Y Y Y
*Mobile Y Y Y Y
**Desktop Y Y Y Y
Self Assisted Help Y Y Y Y
Discord Support Forum Y Y Y Y
Priority Assisted Support N Y Y Y
User Experience
Fast Page Load N Y Y Y
Ad Free Y Y Y Y
Private Group Trade Mastery
Live Market Chat N Y Y Y
HTF Price Analysis/Technicals N Y Y Y
Day Trading Tips N Y Y Y
NYSE Session Pre-Market N Y Y Y
NYSE Morning Session Trade Along N Y Y Y
Trading PlayBook N Y Y Y
Trading Voice & Video N Y Y Y
US Futures Y Y Y Y
AP Futures Y Y Y Y
EU Futures Y Y Y Y
Market Data Screen Updates
Snapshot Data 1m 5s 1s 1s
Real-time (RT) Data N N Y Y
Feature Access
WatchList Y Y Y Y
Trading Point N Y Y Y
AlphaBias N Y Y Y
Trendo N Y Y Y
Trading Signals Y Y Y Y
FibGridCharts Y Y Y Y
GapBias Y Y Y Y
EOD Charts Y Y Y Y
Eco News Y Y Y Y
Sessions Y Y Y Y
Instruments Y Y Y Y
***Risk Calculator - coming soon
Position Sizer Y Y Y Y
***Multi-TimeFrame (MTF) Levels - coming soon
Market Profile Levels S/R N N Y Y
MTF OHLC Horizontal Levels S/R N N Y Y
MTF Pivot Levels S/R N N Y Y
MTF Fib Levels S/R N N Y Y
MTF Fib Grid Levels S/R N N Y Y
MTF Swing Pivot Levels S/R N N Y Y
MTF Vol. Weighted Level Clusters N N Y Y
Trade Signal Notifications
Signals Real-time (RT) N Y Y Y
Signals to your Inbox N N Y Y
Algo Trading Signals N N N Y
***Trade Buddy coming soon
Post-Market Analysis N N Y Y
Pre-Market Analysis N N N Y
AI Trade Compass N N N Y
API Access N N N Y
API Algo Trading Mirror N N N Coming Soon
Special Notices
*Mobile Mobile app ETA mid 2023
**Desktop Desktop app released subset functionality
***Coming Soon Planned Features for 2023

AlphaWebTrader Flexible subscription plans

  1. 1 Subscription 3 Seats Up to 3 parrallel devices Web, *Mobile & **Desktop
  2. Lease No lock in, cancel anytime to terminate renewal
  3. Group Plans, tailor made plans to fit trading groups
  4. Institutional, private network, private cloud low latency & API $POA
  5. Talk to us, ATS Customer Success Team is waiting for your call.

FreemiumEssentials Premium Ultimate
FREE Access to: Watchlist, interactive "SnapShot 1 minute" data technicals, signals & EcoNews...All of "Freemium" PLUS ad-free access to: "SnapShot 5 second" technicals, trade signals alerts & priority help desk support. All of "Essentials" PLUS access to: full gamut of features, "Real-Time" live market technicals, signals to inbox. All of "Premium" PLUS API Access* to: all technicals data & algo trading signals & Trade Buddy Pre-Market & AI Trade Guide.
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