AlphaWebTrader (AWT) Help & Support

Please note: AWT is a website built for desktop web browsers and so it is best viewed on mobile/tablets as a desktop site

AWT Updates

AWT is subject to change without warning we are working on polishing existing features and adding new features constantly. We aim to roll out updates each day pre 7am EST. Please note you may have to reload the browser after an update a message will inform you.

Snapshot/Real-time Market Data Updates

AWT will update the data every 1 minute when a user is not logged in or is logged in with a Freemium only subscription.
When a user is logged in with an active Essentials, Premium or Ultimate subscription AWT will update in realtime as each data item/signal update is received.

AWT Account & Subscriptions

To Create an account simply sign up for free - visit the Account page for step by step details. When you have logged in you can view all your subscriptions free and purchased related to your account

Algo Trading Systems LLC ("ATS") Trading Group

  • Trading Education, support and resources for Algo Trading Systems products: AlphaWebTrader ("AWT"), AlgoFuturesTrader ("AFT") & AlgoSignalTrader ("AST") for swing and day trading futures.
  • Trading Group is free and accessible on discord by windows, mac, linux and apple, android and web – inside we have multiple complimentary trading systems and toolsets AWT, AFT and AST
  • Emini Day Trading the Session Open 9.15EST mon to fri FREE US EMinis and Micro Indices Futures day trading NYSE Session open free trade coaching pre-market session & gap analysis and realtime trading commentary.
  • View more Traing Group Details

AWT Quick Glossary

  • ATS - Algo Trading Systems LLC - Owner of all IP and Brands
  • AST - Algo Signal Trader - Signals to web, desktop and NinjaTrader
  • AFT - Algo Futures Trader - NinjaTrader Hybrid Day Trading System
  • MTL - MicroTrends Ltd - the developer of all software for ATS
  • NT - NinjaTrader the Free Trade Platform
  • SFG - Session Fib Grid - DSFG, WSFG, MSFG, YSFG
  • DSFG - Daily Session Fib Grid
  • WSFG - Weekly Session Fib Grid
  • MSFG - Monthly Session Fib Grid
  • YSFG - Yearly Session Fib Grid
  • RTH - Regular Trading Hours
  • USAR - Universal Stop and Reverse indicator
  • SORB - session open range breakout
  • TTF - Trading Time Frame - the primary chart trading time frame
  • LTF - Lower Time Frame 120 to 480M
  • HTF - Higher Time Frame 720Min upwards 1440M, Day, Week, Month Year

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